Heard bad things about Ashley Madison over the years so really undecided whether it’s worth a shot.

I have just set up my profile but not paid to do any messaging, just to see what happens. My profile is quite basic, a couple of photos, ticked my wishes and desires and added a brief few words.

I then did a quick search of women, living in my county (in the UK so not a big area), who had logged on within the last 48 hours. This brought back just about 20 or so results. Not great. I’ll have a look at bordering counties too as don’t mind a little travelling for a lot of fun 😉

Within 20 minutes I have received my first message. Great you might think?!

The message read:

a********e could be the answer to your fantasies. You should send her a message and start flirting.

Immediately I think that’s an automated message. No one would actually write those words in a personal message, would they?

So, being a seasoned user of dating sites I had a quick look at the woman’s profile – not a lot filled in but there is a photo. Whether it’s of the woman herself who knows? It might even be a fake profile set to lure me into paying up to message. The next thing to check of course is whether the woman has viewed my profile. I mean, why would I get a message from someone who hasn’t even checked me out? And guess what? No such profile view exists. I smell a rat!

A few years back AM admitted having “host” profiles that weren’t real but there to entice men to join. I suspect nothing has changed.

Anyway, I’ll give it a few more days and then decide whether to join, so I can report back to all you lovely people.

So check back here soon and see what I decide and how I get on.


I’ve now had 4 further messages. Two from women supposedly in their mid 20’s from miles away. Obvious fake profile or people trying to scam me – bad luck, I’m way too savvy to fall for that! The other 2 are more likely and worth checking out, though my spidy senses always tingle when I get a message from a woman on these “casual” sites and not a good kind of tingle! Women do not make the first move! Full stop! OK, there maybe exceptions but even though it is now 2019, it is still VERY rare. Again I checked to see whether they had viewed me. I can only see 2 of the last 4 to have viewed my profile and the two I can see are the two scammers in their 20’s!

I clicked the “report this profile as suspicious” link in the scammers profile, expecting that would alert Ashley Madison to the problem straight away. However, it just takes you to a basic Contact Us page where you have to click again and fill in some details. Not good enough and shows they really don’t care about scammers.

Now, am I gonna spend £39 of my hard earned money to see whether there are any genuine profiles on there? As things stand at the moment, that’s a big no! Unless you all really want me to – to give you a final report on Ashley Madison? I’ll take some persuading at the moment, so do your best!

I’m now getting winks and messages from women in Texas! OMG, this site is awful!

Have you been on Ashley Madison? I hear bad things but it would only take one sexy woman to make it worth while.