Dating Apps – it seems that more and more apps and sites are including Meet Me, Encounters, Yes/No/Maybe, Swipe left/right options, so I thought I should investigate the apps that probably started this trend.

The two main ones I looked at are Tinder and Bumble.

I really thought these were only aimed at those younger than me. Those in their 20’s or 30’s. But, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of women in my age group!

It’s fun but I don’t really like the whole it’s all about the visuals” element to the apps. That is, just swiping left or right based purely on looks. Yes, there is a little bit of bio added by some. But, sexy, sensual and attraction is about so much more than that. Must be my age. Older and wiser. Also, I think we all try and punch above our weight, ony swiping right on the most attractive individuals, then wondering why we never get any, or many, matches.

I was contemplating, for a short while, right swiping every profile and see what happens. Just in the interests of research. But, as I’m doing real life tests, I decided to play the game properly.


Bumble is a slight twist on the theme in that the woman has to make the first move/contact. My experience of the dating scene online is that the vast majority of women (I’d say more than 90%) still wait for the man to make first contact. So I was interested to find out just how things would go on there.

Did I meet anyone on Bumble?

While there is “less to choose from” on Bumble, the twist of waiting for the woman to make contact makes it a different kind of experience and a generally good one.

I managed to attract the attention of about half a dozen women in the first week and started chatting. A couple of them just disappeared – that’s the nature of these dating apps! After short chats with another couple, we both decided there just wasn’t any chemistry or distance and availability was an issue.

Met one for a drink and chat and we’re still chatting afterwards, so that’s positive. Whether she is “the one” (not something I actually believe in!) time will tell.


Thought it was just for youngsters or those looking for something casual but thought I’d take a look all in the name of research.

Did I meet anyone on Tinder?

I’ve found Tinder to be a total waste of time. It started well with lots of matches and I continue to get a few new ones everyday. I always message every match, otherwise what is the point? It’s accepted that men have to make the first move. So much for equality in all things! haha

I have had a number of extended chats but not got close to arranging any kind of date. Some I’ve chatted to for days and then …. nothing … they just disappear. They don’t “unmatch” me. They just do nothing. Very bizarre behaviour. I assume they’ve met someone else, are just attention seekers (a general problem with Tinder), got bored of me or have fallen under a bus. Hopefully not the latter, but it’s a very frustrating app.

It is quite a brutal place. I’ve been mid chat with a “lady” (I use the term lightly as some are very unladylike) and she’ll just unmatch me. Just goes! No idea what I said but I guess I didn’t measure up. The problem is it’s impossible to know what the other person is actually after as there is often no text to go with the pics. It could be something casual or a committed relationship. So you can imagine saying the wrong thing gets you unmatched. However, don’t linger on the why’s, move on to the next, or what I’m going to do, look elsewhere.

Dating Apps – My Conclusions

Not really for me but I play along every now and then. You never know who might actually turn up on there. Good to keep your options open.

I’ll hopefully find time to check out Happn soon.

Keep up to date with all my dating activities in my dating diary.

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