Dating Diary – my REAL experiences!

I can’t believe it has been almost 2 months since my last diary entry! Maybe diary is the wrong terminology? Once every 2 months isn’t really a diary is it?

Anyway, I’ve not really been that active on the dating sites and apps for a while, so I guess I haven’t had anything to say.

Banned by Tinder!

I’ve been dipping in and out of Tinder for a couple of years. Never really thought much of it. It’s a bit too much of a carousel or catalogue of women and you’re never really sure of people’s motivations on there. Though that could be said of any dating site or app I guess.

As I said, they’ve banned me! But they won’t tell me why and there is no appeal process or any come back at all (except perhaps for me slagging them off here! Small recompense but I’m easily pleased!)

Although Tinder still perhaps has a reputation of where you go for a hook up, I’ve not got that impression from actually using it. The vast majority in my age group (roughly 42-58) make a point of saying they are not looking for a hook up but something more. Doesn’t mean of course they won’t want a little sensual time pretty quickly. I’m not really into getting my rocks off just because the opportunity is there, friendship and perhaps potential for more is always in my mind.

Anyway, I can’t go back on there without getting a new phone number and/or Facebook account and I really can’t be arsed. Plenty of other places to look.

Gave Bumble a Go

On the back of the Tinder ban, I obviously went to Bumble. Lots of matches but not really found anyone local enough. My life isn’t really flexible enough that I can see someone more than say 20 miles away.

Back on Match and Plenty of Fish Too

After a few days back on these sites, I decided to hide for a bit. I’m being a bit unrealistic about just how much I can fit into my days and weeks!

I found myself in about 10 different conversations and my head was exploding!

It’s nice to have the little ego boost and confirmation that you’re an OK looking guy with a bit of personality and intelligence but I don’t like to lead women on. I’m always open and honest about pretty much everything, though always leave a few things to be discovered 😉

In the meantime I’m still seeing my friend (with awesome benefits!) once a week or so. Suits us both and relieves the stresses of the week.

This leaves me time for my job and working on about another 4 websites!

Who needs sleep!!!!! haha

How have you all been getting on?

As always, be great to hear how you all have been getting on!