These are the sites which may have costs for added extras but you can use them successfully without HAVING to pay anything more.

While these sites are primarily for those looking for a “serious relationship”, even the largest Plenty of Fish (PoF) has an option for I’m looking for casual dating/no commitment. So the potential for a hook up or friend with benefits kind of arrangement is a possibility. From personal experience even those who say they are looking for a relationship are very open to some physical fun quite quickly. You’ll get to know fairly soon on in the communications those who are seriously looking for the love of their life and those who are happy to enjoy themselves and see how it goes.

Plenty of Fish (

By far the biggest free site out there, PoF has a lot going for it. It has been acquired by I believe, so how long it will remain free is open to change – though so far nothing much seems to have changed. There are some paid upgrade options on the site, like tokens or first view options, but you really do not need them.

I’ve had plenty of dates from the site and mostly a good time. I’m always very honest and open and clear that I’m not after a relationship. While that means a number of women say they are not interested in anything but a serious relationship and won’t meet, many will if you say that you’re not closed to something more serious down the line but you are not in any rush. Which in my case is true. If I were to meet the right gal, I’d be off the sites in a shot.

Until fairly recently you used to get emails from the site saying when someone had clicked the ‘Meet Me’ option – that is, they like the look of you! Something you want to follow up. As women are just as unlikely to make the first move on PoF as any other site, it’s their way of saying they are interested. Whereas previously the site would send an email saying Donna would like to meet you and a link to their profile, all you sometimes get now is a generic Someone would like to meet you (it does still sometimes include the username) and a link to pay to find out who they are. Do not pay to find this out – here comes my first tip for PoF!

Load the PoF app onto your tablet or mobile device and sign in. Then when you get a Meet Me message you will be able to see a small picture of who has clicked that button. Big enough that you can make out who they are. Then go to the Meet Me option on the main site (NOT the app) where you can click yes or no on the shown profile. I can almost guarantee you will soon see a large version of the small photo you previously saw. You can then click the big photo and look at that persons profile.

Alternatively, if you do know the username, go here ( but not when you’re logged in! There you will find a username search box – you WILL NOT see this when logged in, you will see your inbox instead.

OKCupid (

Similar to PoF in some respects, in that there are added paid for options available, you don’t need to use them to make contact and arrange meet ups. Not a big site but I have had some success on there. Met and had some fun with a gorgeous woman on there – I was almost tempted to give up the single life and consider settling down again!! Scary thought!! haha

Freedating (

In short, not many women on there within 50 miles. I did meet one woman but nothing came of it. It feels like the site is just a feeder site for (and other sites) as there are loads of ads and links to other sites. Might be worth a try and I check in every few days to see who is new.

Completely Free Dating (

Again, like, very few women on there but I keep my profile up there and check in now and again. or when I occasionally get a profile view or a message.


UPDATE: The personals sections now seem to have gone completely from Craigslist – no great loss!

A few years back I actually did meet someone from Craigslist but now 99.9% of ‘ads’ are from fakers and scammers. Not worth wasting your time or effort, unless you like goading and teasing the scammers. After all, if they’re talking to you, they’re not trying to scam someone else less gullible, who might actually be foolish enough to follow their instructions to sign-up on another site to ‘verify’ who they are. NEVER DO THIS!!!!

I’m sure many of the messages that come from these scammers is automated anyway, so you’re probably just chatting to a computer program!