Dating sites – are they going through a metamorphosis? Are people being tuned off from this method of meeting others?

This article was sparked by me discovering the following article on The Guardian website

It brings up a number of thoughts I’ve been having over the past year or so. It talks specifically about the Apps Tinder and Bumble but I think it could equally apply to pretty much any dating site.

My personal experience has been there are a lot less profiles of women, in my age group, on all the sites I’ve been using than there were a year or two ago.

Dating Sites – The Current Reality

Whether it be the mainstream pay sites, Plenty of Fish or the more casual end of the market.

Starting with the last one of those first. When I checked out the more “dodgy” end of the market, I used to search for women in my age range within 50 miles who were online at the time. I would normally get well over a hundred if I searched generally later in the evening. For an experiment I did the same search last week on the same site as roughly the same time. I got about 20 results!

Are women using a different site? Maybe gone to Tinder?

Plenty of Fish (PoF) still has a lot of women on there and a lot of familiar faces! Maybe they are doing what I am doing or there is a dearth of decent men out there. Might explain why I have no problem getting dates.

As for Match there are still plenty of women on there but no as many as there used to be. I used to previously get hundreds and hundreds of views within a couple of days and dozens of winks, “favs” and messages. My last look around yielded about 100 views but only maybe a dozen attempts to attract my attention. I’m sure I’m still as attractive! haha

Obviously things can be quieter during the summer months as people enjoy holidays and family time but still a bit quieter than I expected. I do think women find it hard to find quite what they’re after. They know what they want and there is a shortage of quality men without any major issues!

Also Worth a Read

The following article is also an interesting take, from a woman’s point of view. The comments are also worth a read.

What do you all think? Where are people meeting now? Are the days of apps and sites numbered?