Illicit Encounters Review – with my bank account £140 lighter (for 1 months membership!) I’m finally getting to send and read messages from the women on Illicit Encounters. Most are married but some are separated or divorced or not seeking anything to much in the way of commitment.


Here’s my “diary” of how things have gone.

Illicit Encounters Review – My REAL Experience

After having a look around I messaged some women with profiles I was attracted to. There are no photos to look at on here, which in some ways is good, as you initially get to know the personality. Of course you still need to fancy someone when you finally get to see them, but sexy isn’t all about looks, I’m sure you’ll agree. There are password protected photos that the women can show you when they are good and ready. Don’t ask for the password straight away, that’s what all the dickheads do. You’ll keep seeing me say this on my site – DON’T do what everyone else does and you’re already half way to meeting that dream woman!

Quite a few of the women on there are looking for some “dream” man, who will spoil them, wine and dine them, take them away, etc, so you might need deep pockets, depending on who you end up meeting. Now while I’m not averse to giving my lover treats, my bank balance cannot take what some of them are seeking. Though I do think these wishes and desires come more from the fact that they have been feeling so neglected in every department, mentally and physically, they are wanting the dream, and who can blame them? So don’t be scared of messaging those women as they may turn out to be very different from the image they are trying to portray – something of which we can all be guilty.

The VAST majority of women on here are NOT just looking for a bit of sex! They are quite often independently successful and have a good life, but have a craving for attention and affection, not just orgasms. Not to say they don’t want those as well. But if you’re expecting it to be easy to get one of them into bed, think again! That kind of suits me though, as I’ve never been one who just wants the physical side, I want a friend AND lover. Someone to have meals with, take walks together and talk about nothing and everything. Making that mental connection makes the physical intimacy so much better. They are not interested in the size of your package … they want passion!

There are two main things I really like about this site. The first is the total lack of FAKE profiles – well as far as I can tell (more on that in a bit – see further down for my conclusions!). All the women I have messaged have replied and they seem very genuine. The second is the ratio of men and women. It’s supposedly about 1 to 1, mainly I’m guessing because of the charges. But as in most things in life, you get what you pay for. It is free for women but expensive for men. This does however, generally stop all the players and chancers and freeloaders from wasting the women’s time. There are still time wasters on there, probably from both genders but if you are genuine and patient, there’s gold to be found!

I cannot stress enough the following. You need to be patient. Do not expect instant or regular contact. The women (or indeed men) on the site will need to be discreet. They cannot be constantly checking their emails or logging in to the site. They have families and other commitments and are obviously having to be very cautious. They are most likely to be busy evenings and weekends doing family things or having at least having to be careful. You may even be in the middle of a “chat” and they will then just disappear, maybe for days. They may even never reappear – change of heart or being caught in the act being the most likely reason. It’s just the nature of such sites. Take it on the chin and move on – nothing you can do about it I’m afraid.

Don’t jump straight in with the sort of things men that think with their dicks do. Like “what’s your favourite position?”, “hope you like oral”, “I’m hung and can go all night”! You’ll just get blocked 99 times out of a 100. Mind you, it does mean guys with brains elsewhere in their bodies get all the attention and action. So I take it back, carry on idiots and leave all the lovely women for me! haha

Within 24 hours of joining and after a number of chats (I quickly got winks and messages – maybe I’m better looking and more interesting than I thought! haha) I’ve managed to find myself a wonderful, down to earth woman, who is seeking a connection with a like minded man and to enjoy each others company. It just so I happens I think she is rather gorgeous which is always a plus. And I’m more than prepared to spoil her, though I don’t get the feeling she wants big gestures, just someone to give her what she is not getting, attention, affection, company, conversation and of course great sex – the sort of things we all need.

We’ve arranged a meeting in the coming week. Fingers crossed.

Illicit Encounters Review – Conclusions

Well, I’ve had my month here and found a new play mate. So you could say it’s been a big success.

However, I will now say, I believe some of the profiles to be fake and run by the site. I’ve come to this conclusion for the following reasons:

When my membership was about to run out I suddenly got a flurry of profile views, certainly a lot more than I was receiving in the previous almost 4 weeks.

Now my membership is over I’m getting “Virtual Gifts” and “Virtual Kisses”. I didn’t get any of these during my membership (just messages or replies to my messages), but I did get them before I originally paid to join. Make of that what you will. I viewed one of the profiles from which I received a “Virtual Gift” and it seemed very contrived, not natural writing and obviously made up. Just something about it that makes me suspicious. Also, she is 200 miles away!

Here it is – what do you think?

The new man in my life must know how to be romantic, and not shy to show his feelings in public. Must be honest and trustworthy, not looking for a casual relashonship. I like people to look smart, clean shaven and average build. Yes i have my children but i have and want a life of my own and i need some fun in there as well. For work i travel and i have the time so lets play

Type of Relationship Friendship, Long Term Relationship, See how it goes

About Me:
I’m a friendly shy person untill you get to know me. I’m romantic and loyal. I have two grow up daughters. I like walking and the outdoors. I also like cooking for that special person in my life. I like to travel, been to oz america europe. I enjoy going to the cinema. My ideal evening out, well anywhere really with that special person who can make smile again.

I dress fairly conservatively – business suit by day and trendy casual in the evening. My hair is black shoulder length, worn in a tight bun at work and loose when I’m at home. I like to stay trim and exercise regularly. I’m not a stick insect, but have nice curves in all the right places. i have my special little black dress for that special occasion and of course for the right person and I need my heels as well.

So, while I’ve found what I wanted from the site, I’m disappointed that they use the dodgy tactics of other “marital affair” sites to get you to join. Obviously the high cost of joining does mean you have a better chance here than most other such sites.

Have you got any questions or comments about Illicit Encounters or any other site, or indeed my site. DO get in touch or leave a comment on any page where they are allowed. All comments are moderated so don’t even think about spamming. Ta