My subscription recently expired on after a month of membership.

It was fun but decided to take a break.

During my months membership, on average I received perhaps ten or a dozen views a day, a couple of winks and a maybe a “favourite” click and maybe a message every few days.

Within 48 hours of my membership ending I had received 143 views, 4 winks and 10 favourite clicks and no messages. Now, the views seem totally out of sync with what had happened previously don’t you think?

Now my immediate thought, knowing how some dating sites operate, that they are creating fake views to get me to rejoin. Surely, one of the largest, best known and you would have thought, most genuine of dating sites wouldn’t use such tactics?

In the interests of research and informing my readers, I joined again – it was only £19.99 (never pay full asking price for or indeed any dating site!) – more about that here.

I had a quick look at the winks and favourite clicks and all seemed fine – what I would have expected.

Now, onto the views – a totally different story. During my time as a member, 99.9% of all views came from women n my general area and within my sort of age range. But now it appears I’ve been viewed by 21 year olds, women from Seville in Spain, Dresden in Germany, Cornwall (about 200 miles from where I live) and some places I had to Google to find out where the heck they were!

So what am I supposed to conclude from that? I think they are basically trying to dupe me into rejoining.

I’ve contacted Match customer support (which is a bit of a joke in itself!) and await their response. I expect I’ll just get a stock answer as I’ll be contacting first line support. They will deny anything underhand of course and what actual proof do I have.

Is that just business and we should accept it or is it just another indication that pretty much ALL dating sites are out to fleece us at any opportunity.

I’ll report back if and when I hear anything and try and escalate it if I’m able.

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