Hello and welcome. I’m Phil, your host here on Real Online Dating Reviews. I’m a 40-something English guy, who now has now considerable experience in the online dating world, gathered over the past couple of years. So I thought why not share this and maybe help others?

This site is also a reaction to those other “review” sites, who basically just give the best reviews to those sites from which they can get the biggest commission. Some of their recommendations are total garbage and it made me angry. They were simply trying to dupe people, rather than tell the truth. I can pretty much guarantee, the owners of those sites haven’t even ever been a member of the site they are promoting. It’s all about the commission.

I actually join and use all the sites I report about.

Here you will find my “real” life experiences of the sites – where I explore and report on my successes (or otherwise) on a range of dating sites. I cover free and paid for mainstream sites (like Plenty of Fish, e-Harmony and Match), mobile apps (like Tinder and Bumble) as well a the more ‘adult’ side of the niche (like Illicit Encounters, Marital Affair, My Fun Buddy, Shagbook, BeNaughty, etc).

This site is not intended as a guide on how to use the sites (signing up, navigating, using the facilities, etc) but as a report on whether I have been successful or not in dating women from those sites. I will pass on what I have learnt through my own mistakes, hopefully giving you an advantage in your quest for love (or just a bit of fun!).

In the spirit of openness and honesty, there are ads and links on this site, which, if you follow and/or sign up with the sites at their destination, I may get a small recompense, which all goes to help me run this site and continue my explorations, all reported back to you here. So please be aware of that.

Just to show you I am genuinely here to help and advise and not just get commissions from clicks and sign ups, many of the sites I recommend, that I have links to, will not pay me a penny for referring you. I want to differentiate myself from all those other “review” sites, who, as I have said previously, will give any site a positive review and link to anyone who will give them a commission! If a site is rubbish, dodgy or downright dishonest, I WILL TELL YOU!

I’ll shortly be doing a review of all those other “review” sites, so stay tuned!

I don’t have masses of content here … yet! But it will continue to grow. I obviously cannot possibly join and cover every site out there, so would love to hear of your experiences. Names can of course be protected but I want real experiences, particularly from women, as I obviously only see things from my side of the fence! But if there is a particular site you’d like me to look into get in touch.

I’m just an average guy. I’m neither ugly nor a model. I do not have a 6 pack or am very well endowed (not that 99% of women could care less about that so seriously, stop worrying about!!)! Personality, humour and intelligence are as big an aphrodisiac to many women, though I don’t deny there has to be some physical attraction. But it’s not everything. Just remember, women love sex as much, or maybe even more, than you! But they need their minds stimulated as well as their bodies. So stop thinking with your dick and you’re half way there.

I’ve had some terrible and some great experiences on many different sites. I am having a lot of fun, so let me be your guide and help you achieve the same.

I hope you find the site interesting, informative and entertaining and remember to try and keep your sense of humour at all times. Don’t feel down-hearted or get angry at rejection (not something us guys are good at! The fragile male ego is our biggest enemy) or not being able to attract that woman you really want. Move on and keep trying. It’s all a game!

Have fun and tell me how you get on